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Sunrise (Hong Kong) Group Limited | Updated: Aug 28, 2017

Because of its strong decolorizing, bleaching and adsorbing ability, Activated bleaching earth can adsorb the harmful pigment, phosphorus, saponin, contton acid, impurity. so, it can be used into a wide range of applications in industrial productions like below:

  1. In Food industries, Activated Bleaching Earth can be used for refining edible oils, fats and as clarifier into production of wines, juices, and saccharification, as stabilizing agent in beer production.

  2.  In oils industries, Activated bleaching earth can be used for refining and clarifing oils, lubricants, minerial oils, wax, soap, paraffin.

  3. In chemical industries, Activated bleaching earth can be used as absorbent, flocculant for wastewater treatment, catalytic agent, drying agent and so on.

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