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Active White soil in the development process in every industry use

Sunrise (Hong Kong) Group Limited | Updated: Jan 20, 2017

Active White soil is indispensable in our life now, a chemical raw material, now raise the level of science and technology, familiar with our use of activated white clay, company specialized in the industry now, recognized well by consumers concerned, following our simple look of activated white clay used in the development of the industry:

1. in the petroleum industry for oil, grease, wax, oil, kerosene and other purification and decoloring and refining of mineral oil.

2. in the food industry, as the wine and sugar juice clarifying agent, beer stabilization, mashing process, purification of sugar juice and so on.

3. on the chemical, used as a catalyst, fillers, desiccants, absorbents, waste-water treatment flocculant.

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