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Application of activated bentonite in environmental protection

Sunrise (Hong Kong) Group Limited | Updated: Jan 20, 2017

With the development of industry, environmental issues more and more prominent, while developing the economy at the same time, is the focus of our work on environmental protection, waste issue has been the focus of our environmental protection, activated clay be used for waste treatment, removal of heavy metals in waste water color, turbidity, ions, smell and absorption of oil, sulphuric acid production exhausts,

Active White soil application of sewage in good, active white soil acid formed when micro-porous network structures can be equipped with different types of chemicals, removing sewage from different sources, due to the activity of Bai Tujing cellular automata with a negative charge, with properties of adsorbed cations. Activated bleaching Earth for removal of organic and inorganic pollutants with high chemical and biological stability of activated white clay is a kind of green products can be recycled, it will not cause environmental pollution.

Above, we understand that our application of activated bentonite in environmental protection activities, and now the company specializes in the production and use of the product, in the production and use of process safety, our products are of high quality, high degree of loved by the customers, customers very satisfied with, please call the Advisory!

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