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Characteristics of fuller's Earth

Sunrise (Hong Kong) Group Limited | Updated: Jan 20, 2017

Fuller's Earth, made of high quality pure non-metallic minerals – attapulgite as raw materials, supported by scientifically formulated, refined by a special process, and apparent grey-white or pale yellow powder, is a perfect substitute for the activated carbon.

Decolorization of fuller's Earth, a wide range of performance, decolorizing power is great, strong adsorption and purification, pigment, has strong adsorption of impurities.

Fuller's Earth with strong stability in applications, and is very convenient, safe, no need to change the manufacturer's original production.

After fuller's Earth filtration the filter cake can be recycled, do not cause pollution to the environment.

High rate of decolorization of fuller's Earth, with a low rate of oil, filters fast, free acid content is low.

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