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Sunrise (Hong Kong) Group Limited | Updated: Jan 20, 2017

Decolorization of clay are mainly used for lubricating oil and animal and vegetable fats and refined, discoloration or dehydration of petroleum distillates and refining of solvents.

After treatment, the natural clay, known as acid clay, also known as active white soil. Its main ingredient is diatomaceous earth, which itself has been activated. Active White soil chemical groups Yes, SiO 2: (50~70) w%;Al 2 o 3: (10~16) w%;Fe 2 o 3: (2~4) w%;M g o (1~6), w%, and so on. Activated white clay used for the chemical composition of the raw material clay and activation conditions are very different, it is generally accepted that adsorption and chemical composition is irrelevant.

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