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Active White Soil Is Different From The Added Value Of Products

Sunrise (Hong Kong) Group Limited | Updated: Jan 20, 2017

Decolorization of activated white clay used for purification, and harmful in the oil pigment, phosphatidic acid, saponin, cotton, etc, so that it qualified as a cooking oil.

Special activated white clay used in petroleum industry petroleum, oil, paraffin, gas oil, kerosene, purification and decoloring and refining of mineral oil.

In the food industry, as the wine and sugar juice clarifying agent, beer stabilization, mashing process, purification of sugar juice and so on.

Active White soil is not a major industry, there is an international edge. Not like cement, metallurgical industry have special equipment, production processes or norms. Market a lot of equipment do not apply. And many of the active white soil just because of inefficient production equipment, high operation costs and product quality problems, can maintain production, only a few point profit.

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