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Economic Benefits Of Activated White Clay

Sunrise (Hong Kong) Group Limited | Updated: Jan 20, 2017

Economic benefit analysis of bentonite raw materials costs about 250 Yuan/ton, conventional activated white clay about 1200-1500/ton domestic market prices.

The size of activated white clay by 10,000 tons/year estimate, about 3.004 billion yuan of investment in equipment and infrastructure, the cost of 600-700 Yuan/ton, the output value of 14 million Yuan, profit of 6 million Yuan. Supporting the production of white carbon black, 4A zeolite, more efficient. Bentonite is a superior resources, reserves rank first in the world, but development started late, backward processing technology, product quality, production scale is small, domestic oil bleaching and other departments with high quality of activated white clay imported from abroad is needed. United States activated white clay production capacity has reached more than 4 million tons per year, but only about 200,000 tons/year. According to statistics, China's demand for activated white clay in recent years an annual increasing of risen. After analysis of the domestic market, only oil refining market, according to industry experts predicted that China's annual production of about 8 million tons of vegetable oil, imported 5.006 billion tons of oil, including oil refining accounted for 1/2 of the total, about 6.5 million tons. Therefore, the production of highly efficient activated white clay broad market prospects.

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