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Lack Of Production Technology Of Activated White Clay

Sunrise (Hong Kong) Group Limited | Updated: Jan 20, 2017

(1) the original clay has a certain degree of selectivity of bentonite, not for all different types of bentonite can sell rate ≥ 90% high efficient activated white clay, which other types of bentonite can sell rate ≥ 80-85% activated white clay or semi-efficient activated white clay. Activity indicators are still not up to the h-type (high activity of activated white clay) requirements for activity. Thus the use of it are subject to some restrictions.

(2) treatment of acidic waste water, lime consumption at present is too large.

(3) oil absorption rate. Decolorization of activated white clay used for oils heavy 2%-5%. Decolorization of fats by using clay, the inevitable entrainment of oil entrainment of activated white clay by weight 20%-50%, thereby increasing the cost of refining and consumption. Currently, a small number of enterprise activity of extraction from the China clay waste oil will be separated, but after the separation of the oil due to the role of clay, color black, good color cannot be bleaching out. Therefore, small domestic oil bleaching wanted oil-absorption rate of activated white clay.

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