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Width On Activated Clay's Role In Life

Edit: Sunrise (Hong Kong) Group Limited    Date: Jan 20, 2017

Activity white soil by bump Rod clay by special activation process made, is oil industrial, and daily chemical, and oil chemical of important additives, has good of chemical activity and larger of adsorption pore volume, can as adsorption agent, and catalyst, and bleaching agent, often for flora and fauna oil, and oil, and resin, and paraffin, and natural alkali of bleaching purification; aromatic and alkanes in the olefin separation; industrial waste oil of recycling regeneration, and oil cracking, and hydrocarbon en aggregate catalytic, and no carbon carbon of explicit color and MSG, and beverage, and glucose, and vitamin, and various oil of bleaching adsorption. Also can be used as a desiccant, sewage, cleaning detergents, etc. Product features: decolorization rate, low rate of oil, filters fast, free acid content is low. Complete removal of grease aflatoxin, phospholipids, Saponaria and odor. Main technical index reach and exceed HG/T2569-94 standards, close to the international advanced level. Extensive bleaching and purification, adsorption performance, in applications with strong stability. For pigmented and has a strong adsorption of impurities, pigment bleaching on vegetable oil is up more than 95%.

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